Fetch Didsbury

Fetch Beta

Since 29th September 2008 - that's almost five years - we've been posting news, articles, events and offers using a cobled together website made up of a Wordpress install and several large chunks of homemade code.

It became unmanagable in about 2011 and ever since then it's simply been a matter of finding the time to come up with a better solution.

Why Beta?

We'll be in beta for the first few months of this new site being online as we tidy up any loose ends and continue to move both content and functionality over from the old site. During this time some things may look slightly odd or not work how they should.

You will already have noticed the new look, but you will find improved usability, functionality and tools at every turn.

We've rewritten and considered every part of the site, including the business profiles, cinema listings and calendar.

The site is now responsive, so whether you view it on a computer, tablet or mobile it is just as usable and easy to navigate.

What's next?

This new platform allows use to finally build all the stuff we've been wanting to. It also means we can start chipping away at the request list that you've all been sending in for the last 5 years

Currently serving Didsbury, Chorlton and The Heatons, we also hope that improved tools will allow us to expand soon to other areas. Initially in South Manchester, but you never know beyond that.

Over to you

We'd love to know what you like, dislike and think is missing from the new site so please do get in touch.

Thank you,

Harry and the rest of the team