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Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic in Didsbury. Masters trained musculoskeletal physiotherapist offering the best in diagnosis and the most up to date treatment techniques for our clients needs. We offer physiotherapy, clinical pilates, acupuncture and rehabilitation.

Chartered Physiotherapist Specialist in the treatment of:

Neck and Back pain

Sciatica or nerve root pain

Postoperative Rehabilitation


Sports Injuries

Dance Injuries

Gym/home exercise programs to prevent injuries for upcoming active holidays eg. Skiing, hiking

Occupational Overuse Syndrome


Chronic Pain

Postural Dysfunction

Rheumatological Conditions



Pregnancy Related Pelvic Pain

Individual rehabilitation programmes for new/ongoing musculoskeletal problems

Insurance assessment, treatment and management programmes

Approach to Physiotherapy:

Hands on

Full biomechanical analysis to highlight any muscle imbalances

Aid return to normal activities/sports through clinical pilates and/or individualised exercise programmes in fully equipped gym


What to expect when you attend the clinic

We will take a full medical history.

You will have a thorough physical examination.

Your condition will be diagnosed and a treatment plan devised.

You will receive treatment to relieve pain and restore movement.

Any questions you have will be answered.

You will be taught techniques to use at home to manage your problem.

You will be referred for alternative treatment or investigation if physiotherapy is not the best option for you

Treatments Offered:


Clinical Pilates


Rehabilitation programmes

Soft tissue release techniques including massage


Graded exercise programmes for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain

Biomechanical and postural analysis

Assessment for sick note and issue of same where indicated


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession with a science foundation. The range of work is very broad and varied and involves working with people to promote their own health and well being. Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability.

This can be achieved in many ways, examples of some include:

Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation

Soft tissue release techniques


Assessment of biomechanics

Clinical Pilates



Here at Didsbury Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic your therapist is fully trained at both Traditional Acupuncture and dry needling and is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapy. If you plan to attend the clinic purely for acupuncture a full assessment is required prior to commencing the first treatment.

Contact us

M: 07790 165013

E: abi@didsburyphysiotherapyandpilatesclinic.co.uk

W: www.didsburyphysiotherapyandpilatesclinic.co.uk

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