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Expired: £1 Cineworld Cinema Tickets

Until 11:59pm on Thursday 29th April (unless tickets run out) an offers website called KGB (part of the 118118 group) is offering full price adult Cineworld cinema tickets for £1.

Tickets are limited to 1 per customer, but you can order one per person in your household without breaking terms and conditions.

To get yours head over to http://www.kgbdeals.co.uk/ and go through the offer form, your card will be charged £1 and you'll be send the ticket vouchers by email which are valid until Saturday 5th June.

It's valid for all standard 2D films.

The site is confirmed as legitimate by Martin Lewis of moneysavingexpert.com and you can find further information there.

We have a page where you can view Cineworld Didsbury Cinema Listings.