Fetch Didsbury

2009 Christmas and New Year Images

We're looking for the best Didsbury photos that you've taken over the 2009 Christmas and New Year period to show on the Fetch Didsbury site. In return we'll give you credit by name and the option of a link to a web page of your choice* to say thanks.

The aim is to come up with a lovely collage of Didsbury based images which cover the events and goings on in Didsbury for December 2009.

Here is just a taster of what we have so far:

[nggallery id=1]

If it goes well we might repeat it next year, or even every month! So get snapping, or dig out your favourite photos of the last few weeks and send them over to us so we can have a nosey.

Please pick a maximum of 3 to ensure they really are top notch and email them over to hello@fetch.it as attachments. Also be sure to send your name and optional url to point your thanks to.

We promise not to show the images larger than 600 x 400 pixels so people are less likely to pilfer them for themselves, and we will give credit where it's due.

Happy new year.

* We reserve the right to reject any name or url we deem unacceptable for any reason.


[1,2]: John Garfield-Roberts [3,4]: Jen [5]: Sian Astley [6,7]: AvaNiviTava [8]: St Paul’s Church on Wilmslow Road, the home of TBWA\Manchester [9,10,11]: Jonathan Fisher [12]: highcontrast2