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30 years of the South Manchester Reporter

This week the South Manchester Reporter celebrate 30 years of reporting news, events and sport from Withington, Didsbury and surrounding areas.

The paper, which originally launched as the Withington Reporter on 10th November 1978 has printed over 1500 weekly editions in that time. It it now read by over 50,000 people every week.

In March 1980 the paper changed it's name to simply The Reporter and around it's 10th anniversary in November 1988 it took on it's current name of The South Manchester Reporter.

The paper has recently been awarded 'Newspaper Society's Best Free Newspaper in the North of England'.

I have read the Reporter for 20 years and I hope I will be around for it's 50th birthday!

Congratulations to everyone at the paper for reaching this milestone and here is to the Reporter dropping through my letterbox for a long time to come.

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