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Armageddon Fitness Class

Armageddon Fitness is a brilliant new class, never seen before in Manchester.

Armageddon is the fast paced, variable intensity group fitness and personal training concept for people of all levels and led by certified fitness professionals. It is based around a circuit framework, carefully designed to encourage development in your fitness and aids in both fat loss and muscular improvement.

The concept has been a huge underground success around the UK for the past few years with its’ creator, trainer Richard Callender, eventually taking it onto our screens as part of his intensive and effective training regime on ITV1s The Biggest Loser.

Meet new people, Burn calories, develop lean muscle, improve your health and fine tune your fitness in an Armageddon session with your Trainer.

What: Armageddon Fitness Where: Parrswood High School Main Hall When: Every Monday 7:45pm Cost: £5