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Artisan Meat Co. Didsbury Farm Shop Opens

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Celebrity chef and Manchester Restaurateur Simon Rimmer (also of Greens, West Didsbury) will be helping to launch The Artisan Meat Company’s Didsbury Farm Shop on Saturday 12th November from 10am.

The success of the store in Mottram St Andrew which opened only 15 months ago has meant that owner Mark Faulkner and his team have been able to create 12 new jobs in Didsbury. All staff will be local to the area as the policy for the company continues with the “Local Is Best” theme. The Artisan Meat Company quickly established itself as the place for the discerning shopper to get the best in local produce and the new store opening on Wilmslow Road will prove no different with 80% of the produce coming from a 10 mile radius from the Cheshire base and pork, beef & lamb coming from within 3 miles.

Simon Rimmer, Celebrity Chef and restaurateur is delighted to support this local business and will open proceedings on Saturday 12th November. Simon’s enthusiasm for great food and value is only surpassed by the need for the produce to be local, seasons allowing, as is his philosophy in his award winning restaurants.

Simon says ‘I am always keen to help promote places where you will find great produce and quality goods and I’m delighted to work with The Artisan Meat Company and helping them launch The Didsbury Farm Shop into the marketplace.’

The Didsbury Farm Shop will supply the best in local produce including handmade sausages, traditionally dry cured bacon and some of the best aged steak in the north. Our lunch includes hot sandwiches freshly prepared in house with your choice of pork, beef, turkey and gammon. This offers the public and workers in Didsbury a refreshing and unique choice of fresh local meats served with a choice of sauces.

The whole team are excited to bring their Farm shop to a new region in Manchester, and are happy to be able to create these new jobs in the village.

You can find The Didsbury Village Farm Shop at 737 Wilmslow road In Didsbury. The store will be open from 8-00AM on Saturday 12th November 2011.

Contact us on Phone 0161 445 5840. Email: enquiries@theartisanmeatcompany.co.uk Or visit them @ www.theartisanmeatcompany.co.uk