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Barlow Moor Road Closed After Sewer Collapse

Barlow Moor Road has been closed close to Didsbury Village following a sewer collapse.

Update - Barlow Moor Road Closed Again

A circular hole around 10 feet in diameter opened up in the road during the afternoon of Wednesday 29th April. Nobody was hurt during the collapse and the road was quickly closed to all traffic in both directions and pedestrians were directed to use only one pavement. Community support officers were called in to direct traffic and reassure local residents.

Hole in Barlow Moor Road

The road is expected to be closed overnight and for a large part, if not all of tomorrow. Barlow Moor Road is usually busy during the evening commute, but a temporary diversion was put in place at the Didsbury and Palatine Road junctions to redirect traffic around the incident.

Video of collapse:

Any cars driving towards Didsbury Village down Barlow Moor Road were redirected down the back streets to use Dean Road.

Barlow Moor Road Closed

Further reading: Road collapse Video on BBC news Article on Manchester Evening News Site

Update Friday 1st May AM: The repairs to Barlow Moor Road are almost complete.


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