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Calling all Didsburyites

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Calling all Didsburyites…or is it Didsburians? What are the people of Didsbury actually called? This was the unexpected question I faced recently when one person from Didsbury greeted another in 140 characters or less through the medium of Twitter.

For the past five years of living in Didsbury (controversially moving from West to East this year!) I was always under the assumption as a collective we were called Didsburyites, never before had I heard Didsburian, Diddyman/Diddywoman or any of the other names that were thrown into the mix. With so many names up in the air and in circulation I’m surprised we haven’t all suffered an identity crisis.

Through the power of Twitter @fetchdidsbury decided to get to the bottom of this elusive but paramount name debacle.

The instigator @bobblebardsley kick started proceedings by suggesting Didsburian. Other ‘tweeps’ bestowed gems such as Diddler, Didsburgian, Didsburyite, Didsbast, Didsbwarians and Diddymen/Diddyman/Diddywoman. After much discussion there was no consensus on one name loved enough to be used by all.

Perhaps we need to take a moment to look back to ye olde days and factor in where the name Didsbury actually comes from. According to reports (aka Wikipedia) the word Didsbury comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘Dyddi’s burg’, which is said to refer to a gentleman called Dyddi who lived near the River Mersey. In homage to Dyddi should we all be called Dyddi’s Burgers? Perhaps not.

For a place bursting with creativity and vigour it is surprising the folk of Didsbury haven’t got this one covered already!

What do you think? Like me have you always thought it was Didsburyrite? Are you more in favour of Didsburian or do you think we should choose a more unlikely name such as Diddymen? Let us know in the comments below...

About the author:

Nicole Kenny works in-house as a PR and Communications Officer and is also a freelance journalist. She lives and works in Didsbury and has been a Didsbury resident for the past five years. You can find her on Twitter at @Nicole_Kenny or LinkedIn.

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