Fetch Didsbury

City Car Club New Didsbury Village Location

City Car Club is an online car rental system which allows short period, and short notice car hire. It's ideal for those who do not own a car but want to do a large weekly shop or would like to go on a day trip where public transport isn't an option.

Membership is £50 a year and then an hourly fee while you are using one of the City Car Club cars.

The new Didsbury Village location is on Dene Road opposite Fosters Fish and Chips. The bay currently only contains one car available for hire, a Ford Fiesta, but this may change or grow over time.

The immediate issue brought up by a local resident was that Dene Road already has serious issues with parking and this new bay only removes yet another parking space from the road.

What are your thoughts? Are car clubs good? Is Didsbury a sensible location for a bay? Is the Dene Road location sensible? Let us know...