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Congestion Charge results due today

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Friday 12th December 2008 will be remembered as the day Manchester accepted or rejected the TIF proposals.


And the result is a No!

The scheme which would have brought nearly 3bn in transport investment to Manchester and the metrolink and express buses to Didsbury has been rejected by the residents of Manchester, of which only just over 50% turned out to have their say.

The average no vote in each of the 10 boroughs was around 80%.

No Campaigners claimed that the scheme, if successful would have cost communiters up to £1200 a year.

Geoff Hoon, the transport secretary, has previously warned there is no 'plan B' for improving Manchesters public transport system.

The money available for the transport improvements will now be taken back and put in a national pot from which any city can apply for funding.

You can keep up to date on http://manchestereveningnews.co.uk or by listening to the hourly updates on Rock radio - 106.1 fm or Century radio - 105.4.