Fetch Didsbury

Connect With Your Favourite Local Businesses

When we launched our local business profiles earlier this month, we promised regular updates and new functionality and we weren't kidding.

We've just updated the site to allow anyone who has signed up for a free Fetch account to connect to local businesses they are interested in.

Connecting to a local business is as easy as a click

Once you are connected to a business it will be listed on your dashboard under the Connections heading.

It currently allows you to get to your favourite business's profiles quickly but we'll be using it for loads of other great stuff we have planned too.

If you connect to a business which has been claimed by it's owner, this means they will be able to send you exclusive news and offers, sometimes before you would hear it anywhere else, and sometimes that you will only hear of through being connected to them on Fetch!

So what are you waiting for? Signup, login and get connecting to your favourites.

If there is a local business you would like to connect to but doesn't yet have a profile, let us know so we can add it, and then go tell them too so that can claim it, free!