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Contact the Elderly in South Manchester

Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly is a national charity which runs monthly tea parties for isolated older people over the age of 75 and volunteers. These older people have few or no visitors and are unable to get out by themselves, so these Contact the Elderly groups really do provide a lifeline of friendship to the people they help as well as a lot of fun.

Thanks to the kindness of residents of South Manchester we currently have one Contact the Elderly group running and making a difference to lonely older people in the area. The charity are now launching a second group but are urgently in need of more volunteer hosts. Hosts volunteer for a few hours just once or twice a year, welcome the elderly people in to their home and all that is needed is a downstairs toilet and a big teapot!

The charity are also always looking for volunteer drivers available once a month. If you think you can help or want to get involved please call Kathleen on 0161 434 7335 or email Kathleen.sheridan@contact-the-elderly.org.uk