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Costa Coffee comes to Didsbury

Costa Coffee Signage
After months of building work on the corner of Wilmslow Road and School Lane, the old Boots Chemist building is almost ready to take the first of it's new tenants, Costa Coffee.

It seems however that not every Didsbury resident is impressed by the arrival of the coffee chain in the village. Only hours after the Costa signage went up, a message appeared on one of the exterior cream walls of the coffee house which read "Welcome to Clone town".

Wikipedia states "Clone town is a UK term for a town where the High Street or other major shopping areas are significantly dominated by Chain stores. The term was coined by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), a British think tank, in their 2004 report on 'Clone Town Britain' "

Welcome to clone town
I have always been proud of Didsbury's large selection of local shops and that is has generally managed to keep out the larger chains. I also fear this is the very top of a slippery slope towards another village where no truly local shops remain and only a small part of the staff are truly local residents.

What do you think about a Costa Coffee opening on the corner of Didsbury's main junction? It is a step too far or should we accept it in the name of progress?

[update Tuesday 30th September] The graffiti is gone and Costa Coffee is open