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Didsbury Comedy Club December 09 Line-up

Sunday 6th December 7pm

Didsbury's monthly comedy night steps up a gear next week when it plays host to two of the circuits funniest men both making their Didsbury debuts;

For the last three decades Ian Cognito has been an undecorated hero of the British comedy frontline. Never been on the telly, never done an advert (although he would for Guinness, if they let him write it himself) 'Cogs' remains a true original.

If you haven't seen him you won't have a clue who we're talking about, if you have then you certainly won't have forgotten the name. Tales of power drills,genital exposure, spitting, brawls and traumatised promoters follow in his wake as does the hysterical laughter of those who have been lucky enough to see one of this country's greatest comedians.

Whilst many of his peers have graduated to the cosy confines of light entertainment, Cogs proudly remains the alternative comedian with gags that would make Manning wince.

All comedians will make you laugh, the very best will make you laugh non-stop from start to finish, a few of these will leave you with higher things to ponder but only Cogs does all the above and makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Long may his reign continue!

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Sunday 6th December 2009

The Didsbury Comedy Didsbury Cricket Wilmslow M20 2ZY

Doors 7pm Show 7.45pm Admission £6/£5 NUS

For more information ring 0161 445 5347