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Didsbury Market Suspended

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Update 1: You may find a thread of 80+ comments discussing the market on our Didsbury Manchester Facebook Page interesting.

Update 2: Official word from the Council is that Withington Market is not a replacement for Didsbury Food Market, and the market is currently under review.

Update 3: Didsbury Food Market is no more and will not be making a return in the near furture.

After only two months of Didsbury Food Market, Council bosses have suspended it following complaints from local bricks and mortar businesses in the village.

Didsbury businesses feel that their trade is severely impacted on days when the market runs and in one instance believe the impact was as much as £1000 in a single day.

The Council have stresses that this could be a temporary measure and will be undertaking "a further consultation process with the local community to look at the long-term prospects for Didsbury Market."

Many of the businesses who rent stalls at the market, although Manchester based, are not actually Didsbury based, and the money spent at the market isn't helping the truly local economy.

It isn't really surprising that local fresh food retailers are complaining about the Food Market. It is after all, direct competition. Could it be that stalls will now be cherry picked so as not to compete with shops near by?

The official site is still stating the next market takes place on the 11th September, but this is unlikely to be the case.

What are your thoughts on the market? Could it be altered to make it less painful for local bricks and mortar businesses? What changes would you make?

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