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Didsbury Metrolink plans and map

Update: You can keep up to date with Metrolink news and information on our Didsbury Metrolink page

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With the Manchester congestion charge debate and referendum just around the corner I thought I would show the good people of Didsbury what the potential Didsbury Metrolink extension would look like.

The map also gives you a good idea of the potential route to Stockport Town Centre.

The old railway will be the route until the trams reach Heaton Mersey Bowl. At this point, the filled in railway line will be cleared to allow for a new tunnel and embankment.

At Craig road traffic lights will allow the Metrolink to cross. The trams will then head for the M60's crossing of the mersey. The first crossing will happen where the current M60 bridget crosses the river. There will then be a station which serves Cheadle Heath. The tram will then cross back to service the area around the pyramid office blog before a final crossing to allow trams to run in both directions down Chestergate too and from the current bus station.

Bus connections will be available at Burton Road, Wilmslow Road in Didsbury and at East Didsbury.

Train connections are available from East Didsbury.