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Didsbury on Google Street View

Update: As of 11th March 2010, Google Street View now covers all roads in Didsbury including side roads.

Google Street View Didsbury

After several months of the Manchester Street View images ending in Fallowfield, Google has advanced along Wilmslow Rd to Didsbury.

The coverage is far from complete at the moment and not only ends at the Shell petrol station in Didsbury, but also only covers Wilmslow Road, School Lane, Barlow Moor Rd, Kingsway, Parrs Wood Road, Burton Road and a few small side roads. No Lapwing Lane and no Fog Lane yet to name two main roads which are missing.

The remaining streets of Didsbury will be added over the coming months. Much of the photography appears to have been taken very early one wet morning, so there aren't many people around and many of the shops have their shutters down. Hopefully when they return to update the imagery, they will do it on a bright summery afternoon.

If you are concerned about your privacy, we have an article on how to get your house, face or car removed from Google Street View.

External image of The Art of Tea Didsbury

The Art of Tea

Some things are a little out of date. For example, Silver Apples on Burton Rd is still West One and Zizzi is still Fugu.

External image of The Cary Wendy's  External image of Jem & I

Crazy Wendy's and Jem & I

Here is a Google Street View map of Didsbury Village. Click anywhere on the image and then use your arrow keys or the controls on the map to navigate: