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Didsbury Police Issue Tickets For Good Behaviour

Police in South Manchester are handing out tickets to young people – for good behaviour.

The Positive Tickets scheme has been running for four weeks in the Didsbury area, and is designed to encourage good behaviour and leave youngsters with a positive impression of the police.

It also allows officers to engage with young people who they would not normally speak to, as they tend to have more dealings with those who behave antisocially.

Police community support officers (PCSOs) have so far issued tickets for things such as putting litter in bins, riding a bike on the road instead of the pavement, riding a bike with lights on at night, using pedestrian crossings and adopting a positive attitude when stopped by police.

Sergeant Tariq Butt of GMP’s South Manchester Division, who set up the scheme, said: “Handing out these tickets allows us to engage with young people in a really positive way, and so far they have appreciated us stopping to speak to them.

“As police officers and PCSOs we only ever issue tickets in negative situations, so this is refreshing not only for ourselves, but also for youngsters who get to see a different side to us. When officers first approach people they assume they must have done something wrong, but when we explain the reason for issuing the ticket they are pleasantly surprised and think it’s a great idea. Then if we see them again they always acknowledge us.

“I believe this scheme will help to reinforce positive behaviour, and I plan to extend it by encouraging local businesses to donate items such as cinema tickets and discount vouchers which can be handed out with the tickets. This should further promote good behaviour in our communities.”

Greater Manchester Police works very closely with local councils, housing providers and communities to tackle antisocial behaviour wherever it happens, and to identify vulnerable victims at the earliest opportunity.

To report antisocial behaviour call police on 101, or for more information visit gmp.police.uk

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Use 999 only in emergencies where there is a threat to life or property or a crime in progress.