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Didsbury Christmas menus

2012: Christmas in Didsbury 2012


At the start of September Christmas menus become available from all our local chain and most of the independent restaurants in Didsbury hoping for early office party and Christmas do bookings. We're not sure what the world is coming to starting Christmas in September, but as it's our duty to pass anything we know about on to the good people of Didsbury, this page is a good list of what we know so far about Christmas and the Christmas menus available in Didsbury.

Here is a list of Didsbury restaurants with Christmas menus for you to peruse. Some are links to Christmas pages on the sites and some will download a pdf menu [pdf]:

Azzurro On Burton Road, Azzurro offers seasonal Italian food. Fresh food done well.

The Didsbury Pub Situated on Didsbury Green towards East Didsbury out of Didsbury Village down Wilmslow Road. The Didsbury has a great reputation as a pub and a restaurant.

The Metropolitan Found at the Burton Road junction of Lapwing Lane, The Metropolitan does great food and is a favourite for Sunday Roast dinner.

Rhubarb [pdf] Halfway down Burton Road, Rhubarb has a reputation for excellent for whenever you choose to dine there.

Gusto Gusto is found in the centre of Didsbury Village and is a fine choice for a quick lunch or a special evening meal.

The Fat Loaf The Fat Loaf is opposite The Didsbury and serves top notch food in an intimate venue.

Slug and Lettuce Opposite Aldi in Didsbury Village and a great venue for parties and group meals.

Felicini's Felicini is an excellent Italian in the middle of Didsbury Village. Has slowly grown in size, but managed to keep it's atmosphere and great reputation.

Loch Fyne at The Old Cock If you fancy fish then Loch Fyne is a great option.

Greens Greens is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant on Lapwing Lane in West Didsbury. If you're luck celebrity chef Simon Rimmer will ber cooking for you.

Do you know a Didsbury restaurant with a Christmas menu that isn't listed here? Let us know and we'll add it to the Christmas menu list.