Fetch Didsbury

Didsbury Twinned with Didsbury

In a cruel twist of EU red tape, Didsbury has been twinned with itself. The announcement made today by Manchester City Council confirms that from June 2011 procedures will be put in place to make the twinning public, including updating all 'Welcome to Didsbury' signs on roads coming into the area.

Twinning of towns across europe happens to strengthen trade links between towns of similar sizes and with similar social issues and often leads to school exchanges taking place.

It has been confirmed that although slightly unusual, exchanges will take place between schools in the less and more wealthy areas of Didsbury so that pupils of 11 to 16 may experience the education system, dialect and extra curricular activities of those better or less well of than them, while staying with their families to experience the culinary differences.

New Metrolink station naming is expected to be introduced to clarify which areas may participate in the exchanges with working titles believed to be Poor Didsbury, Rich Didsbury and Richer Didsbury.

Local resident Rupert was reported to have said "It sounds to me like there's something fishy going on here. Them upstairs think Didsbury is just too good to be twinned with anywhere but itself and have applied their influence".


This was of course an April Fool. For now Didsbury Village remains untwinned. We're glad many of you found it amusing.