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Didsbury's Clock Tower To Be Sponsored

As part of a Manchester City Council bit to raise funds in the wake of recent government cuts, local land marks across Manchester are to be made available for sponsorship deals.

The list of landmark targets likely to be made available for sponsorship is currently under wraps, although we have managed to get our hands on a leaked document which contains what we believe are the initial first phase locations to be released.

Didsbury's famous Clock tower, dedicated to the work of local Dr. J. Milson Rhodes is on the first phase list which we have seen, and may see sponsorship from such firms as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Ford or Nike.

We reached out to the council for comment and they responded with the following - "In these times of hardship we are driven to maintain the high standard of council services in any way we can. In this case, sharing our treasured local landmarks with big brands signage. We're sure locals won't mind too much."

You can see an artists impression of what the Clock Tower may look like if sponsored by Coca-Cola above.

Leaked list of first phase target local landmarks.

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