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Earth Day with Didsbury Dinners

Residents, schools, clubs and businesses: please help us support Earth Day (22 April) with a big food planting day in Didsbury. Seven trees are enough to offset your carbon footprint for a year. What’s more, planting lovely edible plants helps to create more of a sense of community, makes our neighbourhood an even more healthy, attractive place to live, and creates local, seasonal food in every sense of the word.

There are three main ways to get involved:

1. Grow your own at home, big or small. Whether it’s a windowsill chilli plant or pot of herbs, or a tree in your back garden, we want to shout about it! Please email your food plant photos to us with a brief description, and we’ll add them to a photo montage on our website. The idea is to capture people’s imaginations with what we can all grow at home, with minimal effort. Love to grow your own fresh fruit and veg, but wouldn’t have a clue where to start? The real-life case studies on our website show how it’s done. You can even grow mushrooms indoors for £1 (with no need for green fingers, we might add…) 2. Join our community growing team as a volunteer for the day (or hour)! We’ll be planting at our new community gardens on Saturday 21 and Saturday 28 April (12-4 pm), and many hands make light work. Help us to plant new fruit bushes and trees… to be enjoyed by anyone in the community for free, for years to come. Special working parties can be arranged for groups of 6 or more business or school volunteers on a variety of dates around Earth Day. Just email us for details. We even provide free refreshments while you work! No previous experience is necessary. 3. Fund our planting (and eco-cookery) efforts via Crowdfunder. Even if all you have is a spare quid, we can grow it into much more! See our pitch on Crowdfunder for details of how we’ll use your money, and the rewards that we can offer you, in return. Cooking up a storm We’re also hoping to cook up a storm with our new free eco-cookery sessions, starting up in autumn. (See http://didsburydinners.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/community-cooking.jpg) We piloted these recently with a free four-week course at West Didsbury Sure Start Centre. As well as teaching people how to make cheap, tasty meals, it was an opportunity to make new friends. Priority places on the course were given to people with below average cookery skills, a small regular income, and low savings. We plan to teach 100+ more people how to cook in 2012, and are currently recruiting for a planning group to help us to reach this ambitious goal. A warm welcome awaits you at the first planning group meeting: Thursday 26 April 6.30-8pm

West Didsbury Sure Start Centre The Manchester College Fielden Campus Barlow Moor Road M20 2PG So, if you have a few hours spare, a flair for any of the following, and want to make a positive difference to the community, please email community.cooking@yahoo.co.uk (or just show up on 26 April):

• organising/planning • admin (such as writing/replying to emails) • cooking • teaching • marketing • energy-saving. Hope to see you soon! The Didsbury Dinners Team http://didsburydinners.wordpress.com