Fetch Didsbury

Google Street View camera's come to Didsbury Village

Stood at a bus stop in Didsbury a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't believe my eyes when what could only be a Google car taking images for Google Street View drove past. Looking at the back of it, sure enough, a Google sticker.

There are plenty of privacy worries about Google's new Street View maps functionality. Google are apparently introducing face blurring technology to mask those caught by its camera. Well I was staring straight at the car so I guess it will be a good test to see what they come up with.

I have also heard from several other people who saw the car in and around Didsbury Village. Now we just have to wait and see when they decided to set them all live on Google Maps Uk.

What do you think of the new Google street views function? Privacy invasion or nice added feature?

You can click to check if street view is live for the uk. If it is you will see small camera icons over the uk as well as France.


Google Street View is now live in the uk and includes Manchester central. Currently the limit of the images is Revolution Bar in Fallowfield. I am sure the next update will include all of South Manchester including Didsbury.