Fetch Didsbury

The Great Didsbury Clean Up

There is no doubt that Didsbury is a beautiful place to live. It boasts interesting and attractive outdoor areas and architecture both old and new.

There has however always been a low level of vandalism, dumping of rubbish and frustration over parking, noise pollution and air pollution.

You may have wondered in the past what you can do about these issues and who to contact when you need to report them. Wonder no more.

Andrew Taylor is a Didsbury born blogger and campaigner for a safer, cleaner, greener Didsbury. He regularly updates his Didsbury Action File blog with the latest issues he has found and reported.

Andrew reports everything from wobbly paving stones to graffiti on phone boxes and potholes in roads and he does it by getting in touch with the Environment On Call team or, for ongoing environmental, complicated or reoccurring issues contacts his local councillors.

You can contact your councillor easily by email using a simple and free online system called Write to Them. It asks for your postcode to find your councillors, you choose who you want to contact and you write them a message. They can then reply to your normal email address if a response is appropriate.

If the issue is more generic and can go through the normal council department channels then the Environment On Call team can be contacted using the details below.

We strongly urge you to reports anything you notice in and around Didsbury to help maintain the beautiful village we all love to live in. It will usually take you just a couple of minutes. If you are not sure which department to phone, why not email them instead or to check.

Street based Services: 0161 954 9000

Waste and Recycling: 0161 954 9000

Grime line: 0161 954 9001

Campaigns Number: 0161 954 9005

Parking Enquires: 0161 234 4111

Automated Parking Fine Payments: 0161 954 9010

Pest Control: 0161 234 4928

Noise Pollution: 0161 234 4873

Air Pollution: 0161 234 4873

Health and Safety at work: 0161 234 4854

Taxi Licensing: 0161 234 4921/4918

Premises Licensing: 0161 234 4512

Food and Hygiene: 0161 234 4926

By textphone (Minicom): 0161 274 4655

By fax: 0161 274 7182

By text message: 86099

Environment On Call PO Box 204 Manchester M12 5QN