Fetch Didsbury

Heartbreak Productions Open Air Theatre at Fletcher Moss Park

The Taming of the Shrew and Pride and Prejudice are both on at Fetcher Moss Park this summer thanks to Heartbreak Productions.

>>> Heartbreak Productions return to Fletcher Moss Park 2018

You can book tickets for The Taming of The Shrew for Friday 19th August through to Sunday 21st August."Everyone wants to marry Bianca, but Bianca isn’t free to marry until her shrewish sister, Kate finds a husband. Through a series of introductions the challenge of taming Kate falls to Petruchio and a battle of wills ensues..."

You can book tickets for Pride and Prejudice for Wednesday 24th August through to Friday 26st August. "Jane Austen’s most popular classic set in the rural village of Meryton follows the story of five sisters’ amorous exploits."

"Heartbreak Productions celebrates 20 years in the open air by revisiting the hilarious comedy – The Taming of the Shrew - which was our very first open air production."

You can buy tickets exclusively via their website...

http://www.heartbreakproductions.co.uk/ Facebook Twitter