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Jewellery Burglar Warning for Didsbury Residents

The Didsbury Neighbourhood Policing Team is urging residents to be on their guard following on from a spate of burglaries along the Kingsway corridor.

Police believe that burglars may be targeting homes in the search of Asian gold jewellery and patrols in hotspot areas in Burnage, Didsbury and Withington have been stepped up.

Between 1 December 2011 and 29 February 2012 48 burglaries took place along the Kingsway corridor and jewellery was stolen in 18 of these (37.5%).

Leaflets which have been translated into three different languages are being distributed in the affected areas and officers will be speaking to residents about the steps they can take to keep their homes secure.

Police are urging residents to take extra care of their jewellery and to store it securely in safety deposit boxes in banks and building societies. If jewellery has to be left in the house then residents should ensure that it is kept out of sight and securely locked up in a safe that is bolted into the brickwork or masonry.

Officers are also reminding residents to lock windows and doors, keep valuables out of sight, set their alarms and time lights to come on to give the impression that the house is occupied.

Residents should also consider registering their valuable items on immobilise.com, a free online database which is checked by police forces across the UK and enables them to return stolen items to rightful owners in the event that they are found.

Sergeant Tariq Butt from the Didsbury Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “As the price of gold continues to soar, we suspect that burglars are targeting homes they believe might contain jewellery.

“Residents should ensure that all external doors and windows are locked, even when they’re in the house. Also, if the property has a burglar alarm make sure that it is switched on when the house is empty or overnight.

“Leave lights or a radio on when you are out of the house to give the impression that there is somebody in and take close-up photographs of all your jewellery so that items can be easily identified should they be stolen and recovered.”

To contact the Didsbury Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0161 856 4973 or email didsbury.apt@gmp.police.uk. Residents can also follow updates on Twitter: @GMPDidsbury.