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Cau Didsbury Closes Amid Gaucho Chain Collapse

Cau Didsbury Closes Amid Gaucho Chain Collapse
Cau Didsbury Closes Amid Gaucho Chain Collapse

The Gaucho Restaurant chain announced it was going into administration on Thursday. The group which included the Cau restaurant chain had 540 staff who will all lose their jobs.

The Didsbury Cau which is in one of the largest commercial units available in Didsbury Village—the old Clocktower Pub building—has closed, along with the 21 other Cau restaurants across the UK. Cau has been serving the people of Didsbury for over 4 year.

The general manager Tom Dean posted a farewell message to Facebook:

Good Morning Didsbury,

I’m sure you’re all now aware that CAU Restaurant has now closed.

As the General Manager there, I would like to say thank you to all those who dined in the restaurant over the passed 4 or so years.

I absolutely loved running the restaurant and I had an incredibly passionate team, that I can assure you, always had Guest service at the forefront.

It is a very tough part of the job to tell the team they are no longer employed, something i wish never to happen again.

Having had the odd scan through this group on occasion, there have been some ‘constructive’ comments regarding CAU. To those who felt they didn’t have the best experience, I apologise. To those that did enjoy us....I’m very pleased.

I thought I would reach more people, more quickly posting here than leaving a note in the window of the restaurant.

I wish whoever takes on the site lots of luck!

Thanks again,