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Leading Yoga Expert Manju Jois Visits Didsbury

One of the world’s leading yoga experts will be visiting Manchester for the first time in August, holding a weekend of workshops to stretch everyone.

We've also written a more detailed article about Didsbury Yoga.

7th and 8th August from 10am to 1pm

Manju Jois is the son of Pattabhis Jois, the yogi who did so much to popularise the Ashtanga style of yoga in the West. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people now practise this form, which involves a dynamic, almost dance-like sequence, where one posture flows into another.

There is a great emphasis on coordinating movement with the breath. In recent years, it has attracted many followers in the UK with its calorie-burning and cardiovascular benefits.

The workshops will be energetic, dynamic - and great fun!

You will need a reasonable level of fitness or some yoga experience to attend the workshops. If you've done any Ashtanga Yoga before, with myself or any other teacher, then you are good to do the workshop! The workshop will be very accessible to anyone who’s done even a little bit of Ashtanga Yoga before.


Manju Jois 7-8th August 2010, 10am-1pm Christ Church, Darley Avenue, off Princess Rd, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2ZD Cost £42 per workshop or £80 for both Book online at: http://www.yogapilates.co.uk