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Didsbury Park - Big Spring Clean

Didsbury Park wants as many people as possible (including children) to turn up to help clean up the park in preparation for Spring and Summer when the use of the park will increase considerably.

Saturday 28th March 2015 is fast approaching and it is a good time to start spreading the word among friends, family, neighbours, etc. about the event, starting at 10:00 on 28th March 2015.

This event is intended to be a 'special event' known as the Didsbury Park – Big Spring Clean and it is open to all members of the general public to join in. So can you publicise it as widely as possible. We have commissioned and paid for the production of three 6ft weatherproof posters. One is on display by the main Wilmslow Road entrance and one by the Gillbrook Road entrance. The location for the third one has not yet been decided (all suggestions welcome - it is too large for the gates on Sandhurst Road). The first attachment to this email is a copy of this large poster. The second attachment is an alternative poster which will be appearing on the gates and in the lecterns in the park soon. Please feel free to replicate and /or distribute these posters wherever you think it will help to spread the word.

The Didsbury Park - Big Spring Clean event is intended to include the usual litter picking etc but it is primarily billed as a 'bucket and brush' event to clean up benches, railings, children's play park etc. If we have sufficient support and time on the day then we can also provide paint & brushes for some of the benches and possibly gates and railings to be painted.

Whilst we want to achieve as much as possible on the day we also want to make sure that it is fun and people enjoy it.

Another important messages to put across to potential volunteers is that we have had the support of both Manchester City Council and Friends of Didsbury Park in the form of provision of equipment and budget to enable this event to take place. I have ordered a large number of buckets, brushes, sponges, litter-pickers, hi-viz jackets etc which hopefully will cater for all the people who turn up. We have the promised support from over twenty five people already.

The plan for the day is to divide the park into zones and have at least one Didsbury Park Volunteer to oversee the work in each zone. On the day itself members of the public will be asked to initially come to the meeting / information point (the old pavillion), register and collect their equipment based on which zone they choose they would like to work in and what they would like to do.

Initial thoughts on the zones are:

  1. Childrens playground (weed, sweep, clean equipment, clean railings)
  2. The bowling green fencing (wash railings both inside & outside to remove mildew)
  3. The front gate area and the owl (wash railings, gates and owl. Paint preservative onto owl. Paint railings and gates)
  4. Sweep the main drive from the front gates
  5. All benches. Two benches in particular need a deep clean and re-paint
  6. The 7 lecterns. Unlock, clean and add fresh information
  7. The bowling hut (wash down, and remove mildew)
  8. Sandhurst Road entrances (wash railings and permanent signage) Re-paint railings if time permits and effort is available)
  9. Sports area railings
  10. Bird garden railings and tidy borders

In addition to the above there could be activities associated with general path sweeping, general litter picking, doggy poo spotting, leaf removal from the grassed areas (I will ask Colin if he can bring his leaf blower) and possibly some grass seed sowing in bare patches of the grassed areas.

So plenty to do and lots of people needed to help!!

However, having said all this, I think the most important point to stress is that this event is intended to be an enjoyable experience for all who participate too. We will do our best to not only make a difference to the park but also to ensure that we all have a great time doing it. If you can think of anything I have missed or want to comment on anything I have written please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you once again for your great support

With best wishes