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Didsbury Food Delivery from restaurants and takeaways March 2018

As long as there have been takeaways, there have been food delivery services.

Usually with a minimum spend and requiring your whole household to agree they would all eat the same thing, you've been able to get food deliveries in Didsbury, from Chinese, Indian, Thai and pizza restaurants and takeaways.

Then in June 2015 Deliveroo arrived in Didsbury and along with a convenient app to manage your sofa-based food orders, you could also now get food from local favourites including Fosters Fish and Chips, Pizza Express, Solita, Gusto and Mary&Archies.

Then in February 2018 Uber Eats expanded its Manchester city centre focus and began offering delivery in and around Didsbury too.

Often delivered by branded riders on pedal bikes or scooters, both of the big players have dozens of team in and around Didsbury equipped with mobiles awaiting your orders. Pizza express on Lapwing Lane appears to have a Deliveroo team with bikes all of its own on a Saturday evening.

There are some noticeable differences between the offerings of Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Both offer a different set of options for different areas of Didsbury. For the Wilmslow Road and Lapwing Lane junction, Uber Eats offer 40 choices for Didsbury food delivery, while Deliveroo have 43. In the centre of the Village it's fewer.

Looking for a burger? Uber Eats offer McDonalds, Harlem Shakes and Eat Meat. Deliveroo have Solita, Revolution, Mary&Archie, The Font and CAU. Both offer Randy's.

Pizza? Uber Eats off Blend and scicillia amongst others. Deliveroo have Pizza Express, Gusto, Proove and GB Pizza Ltd. Both offer Papa John's.

There is limited cross-over in the options available. Uber and Deliveroo both have exclusivity on some popular restaurants in and around Didsbury.

Even if your choice of takeaway isn't available via either of the big players, they may already offer their own delivery service. If you aren't covered by the delivery zone of Deliveroo or Uber Eats yet, it doesn't always mean you can't go direct to the takeaway to have it delivered.

Once you've ordered using the app, you'll then be able to keep up with the preparing and delivery of your food too. Tracking food delivery is nothing new. Dominoes added the feature to their website and mobile app long before Deliveroo arrived in Didsbury. There is something enticing about watching your delivery make its way from the restaurant to your house on a map though.

So if you can't find the energy to get off the sofa and walk to the takeaway, or you want to eat food from your favourite restaurant without having to put your trousers on, Uber Eats and Deliveroo have you covered.