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May 2018 local election results

Following the 3rd May local elections being ran for both the Didsbury East and Didsbury West wards, there have been updates to your local councillors.

Thursday 3rd May saw all seats for the two Didsbury wards being contended. Previous councillors in Didsbury East have all been Labour. In Didsbury West a split between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

For Didsbury East there is no change. All previous councillors have been re-elected. Andrew Simcock, Lucy Simcock and James Wilson.

For Didsbury West there was a swing to the Liberal Democrats, with Richard Kirkpatrick joining John Leech. Labour's Dave Ellison stays on.

Vince Cable, the leader of Liberal Democrats was quick to congratulate John Leech on his 20 years in public service, and to welcome the additional seat won by Richard Kirkpatrick.