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Yoga in a Didsbury Venue
Yoga in a Didsbury Venue

Yoga is a form of exercise which specifically focuses on flexibility, breathing and strength. It has been practiced since before records began.

What is yoga

Much of the focus of yoga is various postures or movements designed to increase your strength and flexibility. The postures have names such as Sphinx Pose, Child’s Pose and Downward-Facing Dog.

Why is yoga good for you

There is no shortage of scientific trials looking at confirming the benefits of Yoga. Most confirm that it is a great option for increasing core strength and flexibility, leading to better balance.

There is also evidence that it can benefit those with high blood pressure, heart disease, general aches and pains and poor mental health, including depression, anxiety and stress.

Who can do yoga

The vast majority of forms of yoga aren't strenuous enough to count as moderate activity. Your recommended 150 minutes a week will have to come from other forms of exercise.

The variety of yoga postures means that anybody from child to senior citizens can take part in yoga classes, or practice yoga at home.

Yoga has been shown to reduce lower back pain and join pains such as arthritis, and flexibility and balance are key to quality of life in old age.

The different styles of yoga, including Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot and Kundalini offer something for every age and ability.

What to wear

Due to the movements and varied levels of exertion when doing yoga, breathable stretchy or lose clothing should be worn. Gym clothing is a great option for most.

Yoga can be done inside or outside

You're not limited to where you practice yoga. Once you've got a few postures under your belt, you'll be able to pick up your yoga mat and take it on holiday, to the park or even work.

Places to join others doing yoga in Didsbury

At time of publishing, you find various personal trainers, gyms and groups in Didsbury who teach Yoga to those just starting out all the way through to people who've been doing it for years.


Currently at Cavendish Primary, West Didsbury, level 1 on Monday from 19:30 and level 1/2 on Tuesday from 19:30.


Currently at Didsbury Parsonage (opposite The Didsbury Public House) all levels on Monday from 18:00, all levels on Tuesday (Yin Yin Yoga) from 18:00


Currently at The Northern, Lapwing Lane, yogAsana on Thursday from 19:15, Yogaflow on Sunday from 09:30


Currently at G4 Physio, Barlow Moor Road just down from Albert's Didsbury, on Monday from 09:30, Wednesday from 09:30, Thursday from 20:00, Friday from 09:30, Sunday from 09:30 and 10:00.

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