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McDonalds Coming To Didsbury

McDonalds announced today that they will be acquiring Didsbury's Shell petrol station and converting the land into a 100 seater restaurant and drive through facility.

Although complains against the planning application were received from various parties Manchester City Council has granted permission for the development.

In a statement taken this morning councillor McNugget said "Many factors were taking into consideration before granting this planning permission. The requirement for local jobs, the need for the local yoof to have a safe place to hang out, and of course my need for an sausage and egg McMuffin every morning. Being a local lad I like the idea of never being more than 200 meters from my favourite restaurant."

Building work will begin in the next 6 weeks and the restaurant is likely to open in June.

Here is an artists impression of how we believe it may look:

This was of course an April Fool. For now Didsbury Village remains free of McDonalds drive-throughs. We're glad many of you found it amusing.

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