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Move Over, Cupcake - Lollicakes hit Didsbury

Lollicakes is a Didsbury-based cupcake company with a twist. Katy Pardon and Laura Drabble of Didsbury make and deliver their ever-popular cupcakes around Greater Manchester and Cheshire, and are one of the first to bring the freshest American cake craze to the North of England – the lollicake.

lollicake examples

Cupcakes initially made it big in America several years ago and have been growing in popularity in the UK since 2008. Its no surprise that both America and the UK have become saturated in cupcake companies, there is such a huge demand for them.

Recently though, an exciting new cake product has been sweeping the States. Lollicakes (also known as cake pops) are a bite sized blend of cake and frosting on a stick, dipped in chocolate and decorated with pretty sprinkles and glitter. Whilst we’re spoilt for choice for cupcakes in Manchester, no other cake company outside of London is making these little treats and Lollicakes are very pleased to be bringing them to the people of Manchester and Cheshire.


Laura Drabble of Lollicakes explains ‘I discovered this delicious cake on a trip to New York and couldn’t wait to introduce it to my friends in the UK. We were already making cupcakes for friends and family and everyone was so excited when I made a few lollicakes for them to try. It soon became clear that this is how we could start doing something really different, and Lollicakes Ltd was born.’

Katy Pardon of Lollicakes adds ‘Lollicakes are perfect for all occasions, particularly weddings, hen do’s and kids parties – there is much more scope for creativity than with the standard cupcake. We’ve made everything from Halloween themed green monsters and jack o’lanterns to corporate branded lollies with company logos on them.”


Lollicakes Ltd is Didsbury’s newest cupcake offering. Our website moves away from the traditional “cute” image associated with cupcakes to promote a sexier image. The site went live two weeks ago and we’ve since taken lollicake orders for birthdays, Christmas parties and even a new beauty salon opening party in Stockport.

You can find out more about our lollicakes and cupcakes at www.lollicakes.co.uk or by emailing us at info@lollicakes.co.uk. You can also find Lollicakes on Twitter.