Fetch Didsbury

Neighbourhood Policing Information

Greater Manchester Police have recently changed their approach to neighbourhood policing to get more Police officers back on the streets interacting with the local community.

The contact details for the Didsbury area, which covers all of Didsbury, Old Moat, Withington and Burnage are:

Inspector Dave Nutsey 0161 856 4973 didsbury.apt@gmp.police.uk

They have also provided a useful list of tips to avoid your house being targeted by burglars:

  • Lock all doors and windows, even if just popping out for a minute
  • Fit deadlocks to all external doors. Burglars hate them because they need a key on the inside as well as the outsite to open them
  • Don't put the deadlock key in an obvious place
  • Fit key locks to all windows. Burglars hate breaking windows because of the noise and chance of leaving forensic evidence
  • Fit a visible burglar alarm and use it
  • Don't hide spare keys outside the house. Burglars look under pots, mats and in sheds
  • Leave lights and a tv or radio on a timer (£2 from diy stores) so it looks like you are in
  • Fit fencing and lockable gates to limit access to the garden. Lock the shed
  • Don't leave valuables including electronics in a place visible from windows. This includes tv's and hi-fi
  • Don't leave cash lying about
  • When it's dark, leave lights on and close curtains or blinds