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New Queenston Art House Exhibits

Right in the middle of West Didsbury is a very special house. A house where art oozes from every surface. Queenston Arthouse is a unique gallery space for browsing and buying contemporary art,where artists can show their work in the setting of a beautiful family home.

What's coming soon?

Saturday 9th July (11am - 7pm) and Sunday 10th July (11am - 7pm)

Artist Ghislaine Howard was named ‘Woman of the Year’ in 2008 for her contribution to art & society: a painter of powerful and expressive means, her vibrant works chart and interpret our shared human experience. With music from Max Howard of Kingfishers Catch Fire, The Exoteric Gender, The Sentimentalists, and Marry Another.

Saturday 16th July (11am - 7pm) and Sunday 17th July (11am - 7pm)

Danny Cawley’s abstract paintings dance, scream and kiss at you with music from Aron Robinson, Jo Dudderidge, Vieka Plays, and Mount Fabric.

Saturday 23th July (11am - 7pm) and Sunday 24th July (11am - 7pm)

Animalarkey! - lifestyle photography for your family and other animals. Adam Mould - stylised artworks mixing digital techniques and traditonal acrylics. Caroline McManus - who speaks eloquently through confident and strong brushstrokes.

With music from Lulu Yang and Ian Gifford, Chris Jameson, Audio City, and Hot Light Fiesta.


Andy Burgess is a wood sculptor based in West Didsbury - he works with chainsaws to produce bespoke commissions for private, public and commercial clients.

Where is this place?

Queenston Arthouse 28 Queenston Road (half way down Clyde Road) West Didsbury M20 2NX 0161 445 5901 info@queenstonarthouse.com