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Beaver Road Juniors Park and Stride Scheme

The new Beaver Road Junior school have teamed up with The Didsbury Pub to offer a innovative Park and Stride Service.

We all know that exercise is key to a happy and healthy life, and fighting obesity in children and adults alike. The school run however has become a daily car journey for many.

Walking to and from school isn't an option for all. Those with mobility issues or living too far from the school for their children to travel under their own power twice a day.

With the new Beaver Road Junior Building being a fair distance from the existing Beaver Road Primary School site, the teams at Beaver Road and the Didsbury Public Hours have teamed up to offer a third option.

On school days from 8.15am to 8.45am and 2.50pm to 3.20pm, The Didsbury Pub car park is offering free parking to those dropping off or collecting children from the Juniors site.

The distance between pub and school is perfect to get the blood pumping, and ensures that children down go from house, to car, to classroom without getting any fresh air.

The school has been clear that the preferred option is to travel without the use of a car from pupil's homes, but is aware this isn't always an option for all.