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Philosophy Reading Group

Didsbury Philosophy Reading Group The Woodstock - 139 Barlow Moor Road First meeting Thursday 8th July

An informal and friendly small group of people who meet fortnightly on a midweek evening (to suit the majority) in the beer garden of the Woodstock pub to discuss various philosophical books.

No prior knowledge/expertise is required - the idea is to be supportive not intimidating!

This Summer's book - Jean Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness" - The Routledge Classics edition is available online for £12 (Amazon link)

The first meeting at The Woodstock Pub for Jean Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness" will be on Thursday 8th July - early evening, contact Sylvia to confirm starting time. Weather permitting - we generally sit outside in the Garden and meetings are fortnightly.

If you're interested, then make sure you take in the following for the 1st meeting:

Being and Nothingness (The Routledge Classic edition) Preface/Introduction, etc Part 1 The Problem of Nothingness 1. The Origin of Nothingness 2. Bad Faith Which takes the reading up to page 94

For those people who are currently reading the contemporary Philosopher, Alain Badiou or have future plans to read Badiou then you might want to join Woodstock group and consider reading Sartre's Being and Nothingness with the following comments in mind: "Badiou’s Sartrean existentialist roots" and Badiou's "profound indebtedness to Sartre" Adrian Johnston p.3/4 - IJZS

You can email Sylvia for more information, any questions and to check the dates of meeting.