Fetch Didsbury

Remove Your Face, House, Car From Google Street View

Updated: Google Street View is now available in parts of Didsbury. Google Comes to Didsbury

Google maps Street View arrived in the uk recently and has caused all kinds of controversy, especially when it comes to people privacy.

Currently the Street View feature of the maps is only available in the city centre and up to Fallowfield on Wilmslow road, so Didsbury can't yet be viewed using they system. When it does arrive in Didsbury we will certainly let you know, but we wanted to give you a head-start if you are hoping to remove yourself or your property from Google Street View.

Steps to removal.

1) Find your house / car / self on the system. 2) Click on 'report a problem' visible at the bottom left of the map 3) Fill in the form 4) Wait and keep checking back