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SciBar Didsbury takes place at The Albert Club, Lansdowne Road, West Didsbury at 6.30pm on the third Monday of the month.

Future discussions:

17th June - TBC 15th June - TBC

The next discussion will be "So how much bandwidth do you really want?" and will be hosted by Nigel Linge

Stop Monday night feeling like like a inescapable black hole! Head down to Didsbury Scibar and get the low down on life, the universe and everything.

Venue: The Albert Club, West Didsbury Date: Monday 20th May Time: 6.30pm http://www.scibar.info

This event is organised by the North West branch of the British Science Association http://www.britishscienceassociation.org

The Albert Club, 39 - 41 Old Lansdowne Rd, West Didsbury, M20 2PA T: 0161 445 1056 E: info@thealbertclub.co.uk http://thealbertclub.co.uk/

Previous SciBar Didsbury topics:

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