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The Areas and Wards of Didsbury

Recently there seems to be much confusion about the areas and the wards of Didsbury. A ward is an electoral district used for local politics. An area is a name used to describe an unspecific part of a village, town or city. We thought we'd clarify:

Didsbury's Two Wards

Didsbury is split into 2 wards:

Didsbury East is everything to the East of Wilmslow Road. The line splits the village in half and continues south until it comes to The Didsbury Pub, where is follows Stenner Lane and then the boundary of Fletcher Moss Park.

Didsbury West is the other half of Didsbury. Everything to the West of Wilmslow Road in Didsbury Village, down to Oak Road near Withington, then back along Burton Road.

If you're really picky about your ward boundaries, to the West of Burton Road is actually in the Ward of Chorlton Park and not Didsbury West.

Didsbury's Three Areas

Didsbury is split into 3 areas.

East Didsbury has it's centre around East Didsbury Train Station. It includes the Parrs Wood complex, Tesco East Didsbury and Didsbury Cricket Club.

Didsbury Village has it's centre in (you guessed it) Didsbury Village. The largest of the three shopping areas of Didsbury.

West Didsbury has it's centre on Burton Road. It includes Burton Roads shops, The Albert Club on Old Lansdowne Road and even Pizza Express and the row of shops which includes Inman's Newsagents.


Didsbury Village is not East Didsbury, although half of it is situated in the ward of Didsbury East.

If you're not convinced, you can see the ward maps for yourself here:

Didsbury East Didsbury West Chorlton Park