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After it being out for almost a month and having avoided picking up too much information from friends and family who had seen Inception (no spoilers here though, promise!) I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. It's very good by the way.

Me and a friend who also hadn't seen it decided we'd grab some food before the 8pm start time and so had a peek at the Didsbury restaurant discounts page to pick a place with an early evening offer.

The Fat Loaf, which is situated at Didsbury Green and just along from The Didsbury was chosen for it's 2 courses for £13.50 deal available until 7.30pm Monday to Thursday.

We met at half 6 and weren't too surprised The Fat Loaf place was empty. A look at the deal menu (which changes weekly) and then the standard menu revealed that not only do The Fat Loaf do a 2 courses offer but also a grill and a drink for £12.50, and knowing there would be lots of sweets involved at the cinema we both moved to that.

The Fat Loaf's Famous Steak & Kebab won us both over. "Marinated Skirt Steak cooked to medium, Lamb kebab, chicken breast kebab & frosts paprika sausage, thick cut chips & house salad".

fat loaf steak and kebab

All was cooked well, with a pink steak, juicy chicken, fluffy crispy chips and excellent green peppercorn sauce.

By the time we were done eating The Fat Loaf was filling up nicely and the atmosphere was warm and friendly.

If you're looking for a moderately priced place to eat that does great food and is a little bit special then you'll love The Fat Loaf.

The rest of the menu is a great collection of comfort food made with fresh local ingredients and includes Slowly cooked free range Ham Hock, Home made Scotch egg, branston pickle and Pan Seared fillet of Sea Bass.

- Harry

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