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The future of The Barleycorn

Update: New post as Albert's Shed Takes Shape

Alberts You are probably aware that The Barleycorn public house on Barlow Moor Road has been closed for a while now and there has been very little news about its future. Well we can now shine some light on the situation.

The Barleycorn has been bought by James Ramsbottom and the city centre Albert’s Shed / Dukes 92 team who are planning to replace 40% of the existing building and update it to include a pub, shops and flats. This new development will be called Albert's Didsbury

The West Didsbury Residents association have been in negotiations with the planners for some time and it appears that they are happy about the changes being made to make the new development fit in with the surrounding area.

"The Barleycorn's reopening is scheduled for Easter 2010, with plans currently being submitted to the city council. These include demolishing 40 per cent of the footprint of the building." [source]

So it may not have the same name when it returns in easter 2010, but there will still be a public house on the current site of The Barleycorn.

Update: The development will be made up of a bar / restaurant where drinkers will be welcome. You can see a drawing of the proposed development on this Manchester Evening News Article.