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Top Marks for Didsbury Mum of Three's New Business

Now that Easter is over, many youngsters will be turning their thoughts to exams looming in the summer term ahead. The prospect of spending hours alone revising can be a daunting one but help is at hand from a new business venture launched in Didsbury.

Former teacher Jo Murphy (40) knew there were positive results to be gained from individual tuition and set about recruiting a team of tutors which she now personally matches up with students requiring that extra bit of help using her business Choice Home Tutoring.

Jo who is a mum of three young boys says “It is a great way to promote learning at a quicker pace, it gives a child a bit of a head start! We help adult learners too, ordinary people who want to improve their skills, pass an exam that they need for their work or gain a GCSE or A level. We also have tutors who specialise in helping young people and adults from overseas to improve on their speaking and written English skills."

As for the benefits of juggling work and looking after her children she says "The job allows me to be a Mum and still be there for the boys, do the school run and so on whilst running my own business."

Jo is always on the lookout for new tutors and interviews each one personally. She says "Customers and tutors are reassured by the fact that I meet each one of them in person and this seems to be the biggest selling point which appeals to all. People in business seem to be losing that personal touch and we provide it."

For more information visit her website at choicehometutoring.co.uk.

Jo is available for interview to talk about her new business venture, working from home or how to run a successful business while also being a mum of three!

She can be contacted on info@choicehometutoring.co.uk or 0161 434 7045