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Try Ultimate Frisbee In Fog Lane Park Free

This Sunday 29th May the team at DUFFA ( Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs ) are holding a beginners taster session to allow any local residents who fancy trying Ultimate Frisbee a chance to do so at no cost.

"Come and try a fast and exciting new sport! We're running a taster session for Ultimate Frisbee. We're looking for new members to come and play Ultimate Frisbee with us - our sessions are focused on fun, 'scratch' games rather than drills and training.

We have over 100 members and are one of the largest Ultimate Frisbee clubs in the North West. Ultimate Frisbee is a game a little bit like touch rugby - two teams try and score points by passing the Frisbee to each other without it hitting the ground or letting the other team intercept it.

It's unisex, completely non contact and designed to be open to everyone of all abilities and fitness levels!"

For more information about DUFFA and the event check out the Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs website.

Sunday 29th May from 4.30pm Fog Lane Park