Fetch Didsbury

We're Expanding!

After almost 3 years of running Fetch Didsbury we're finally expanding. To begin with this means a big hello to Fetch Chorlton and Fetch The Heatons, in the longer term you may see other Fetch sites pop up.

Why? Good question. We've recently had lots of people asking if we could offer the same free service that Didsbury residents, businesses and organisations get to Chorlton. We can. As for Fetch The Heatons (or Fetch Heatons if you like) we're doing this site now because the heatonmoor.com website (which we run too) has seen better days and needs replacing for the sake of Heatons businesses and residents who use it, so we'll move everything over in the next few weeks.

Initially the new sites won't be as extensive as Fetch Didsbury. The plan is to start with business profiles and a calendar and then build on that. The problem with expansion is that running each site takes time, and as everything we currently do is free, we can't pay anyone to run the sites and so it all comes down to automation and our own time.

There will be a fair amount of integration between the sites. Business profiles for other local areas will show as nearby options in the category results of the other sites and we'll cross link news and events where appropriate. If you run a local business this makes a Fetch business profile even more useful and it's audience greater.

We need help. Unless people contribute to the sites, they stagnate and die. We don't have any full time staff and need residents and businesses to send information about their events, opinions, reviews and offers to keep the sites fresh and relevant. You can get in touch with us about anything you like!

The new Facebook Pages for the sites are Fetch Chorlton and The Heatons - Stockport. Unlike the Didsbury Manchester Page, we're going to open the wall up to allow other pages and people to post on them. We'll monitor the usage for spam etc, but it may help everyone get the word out about local news and events without having to go through us.

The new Twitter Accounts are Fetch Chorlton and Fetch The Heatons which you may like to follow. We'll keep the content of each separate and use retweets to share content relevant to other areas so we don't spam anyone.

Once we have a way to automate more of the content of the sites we'll put it into action and start to get them all running at full speed.

Let us know what you think. Leave us a comment below or send us a message.