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West Didsbury Street Market

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West Didsbury Street Market is currently not taking place

Didsbury Food Market is dead. Long live the West Didsbury Street Market!

Didsbury Food Market only lasted a couple of months before it was closed down due to complaints from local businesses about unfair competition, but hopes are high for the new West Didsbury Street Market.

Manchester Markets have been in touch to inform us West Didsbury Street Market will first take place on the 26th March and then the 4th Saturday of each month. You'll notice it isn't being called West Didsbury Food Market, and in fact the official page for the new market states it will sell...

• Meat • Fish • Fruit and veg • Hot food (including Paella and Latin) • Arts & Crafts • Bakery goods • Speciality cheeses • Poultry • Confectionary

You'll note the addition of Arts & Crafts to the previous Food Market list. I'm sure with West Didsbury businesses involved they will do better than the famous Sellotape stall from Didsbury Food Market.

The market will be located at the front of Withington Community Hospital on the corner of Burton Road and Nell Lane, West Didsbury and the car park will be available for market visitors at standard pricing.