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Wilmslow Rd most dangerous route for cycling to work

The Manchester Evening News has today revealed that Wilmslow Road is the most dangerous route to take if you are considering cycling to the city centre for work.

66 accidents were reported between 2005 and 2007 on Wilmslow Road between East Didsbury and Oxford Road alone. I cycle this route to work and home every day and I have to say that I am not that suprised by this information. I regularly come close to being hit by cars and buses alike through no fault of my own and even using flashing bike lights front and back during the day. That is not to say it is all the fault of cars and buses. Dozens of lemming students ride to the universities every day without helmets, lights or any common sense. A favourite is skipping red traffic lights. I am all for setting off before the cars for my own safety, but riding through a red light is asking for trouble.

One of the issues mentioned in the M.E.N article and one I agree with is the stop-start nature of the bike lanes and the general poor condition of them on many parts of Wilmslow Road. Even the newest sections are far from perfect. Where Fallowfield has it's new main bus stop is a confusing tangle of cycle lane offering the cyclist a route through or around the stop, crossing infront of the approaching buses. Problems with the condition of cycle paths can be reported to Manchester City Council online, by phone or post.

I look forward to the day I can cycle to work without having to avoid a car, bus, pool of water or hole in the road.