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Wing Chun Classes

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Wing Chun - A Southern Chinese Combat Art. - 'Born out of tradition, shaped by real life.'

Classes: Studio 25, 25 Church Street, Manchester City Centre M4 1PE / Tue & Thu - 6.30pm to 8pm One 2 One: f2k gym, 3 School Lane, Manchester, Didsbury M20 6SA / by appointment

Contact: / t: 0161 432 79 25 / m: 07544 733 407


Wong Shun Leung lineage. Gary Lam system. Andreas Scholl method. Learn practical and sophisticated self-defence. Experience personalised hands-on training. Step by step instruction – easy to learn. Learn the complete Wing Chun syllabus. Adaptable to any body size, shape and gender. Friendly, warm atmosphere. Improve your fitness.

11th January to 7th April